1. There are loads of interesting materials that can be used to give your bathroom personality, texture and interest. Painted timber wall panelling can add depth to a bathroom

  2. Accessorise your bathroom with beautiful towels. If you have the space add some greenery with a fern or orchid that will thrive in a well-lit bathroom.

  3. Bathroom floors need to be hardworking, resistant to water, and slip-resistant - while also looking attractive. The most luxurious choices are stone tiles and ceramic tiles, but highly polished stone is slippery when wet. Choose a honed flooring finish for better traction.

  4. The most critical area for bathroom lighting is the mirror. Ideally you should have wall-mount lights at each side of the mirror at about eye level, with a third light above the mirror. This arrangement illuminates your face from both sides and above, eliminating shadows.

  5. Colour has the power to energize and to soothe, to wake you up and calm you down. Consider the mood you want to evoke before selecting your palette of materials. As you develop your bathroom colour scheme, remember that colour comes from more than wall paint and fabric. The hues in the cabinetry wood and in the stone or tile you choose for floors and walls play a major role in creating an overall colour personality.