SIZE The most important thing to think about when planning your bathroom is the amount of space you have to play around with. If you're more on the compact size you will need to plan a little more carefully.

SHAPE When you start planning, the size and shape will need to be planned quiet differently. Your bathroom may be an unusual shape, wrapping around a corner or it may feature odd angels. Where the entry and exit point is positioned matters.

Particularly, the position of your door also influences where you place things, like your bath, shower, mirror and toilet. Your bathroom sink of vanity should be close to the door. Its the last stop in everyone's bathroom routine and the one thing you'll pop into the bathroom to use most often.

WINDOWS The biggest benefit of a window is the natural light. Your floorplan should take advantage of it as much as possible. Mirror placement in relation to the window is important too. A lot of bathrooms don't have windows, don't stress! It just means you should think carefully about your lighting plan or a skylight.

PLUMBING If you're working with existing plumbing, knowing where the pipes are will affect your plans and placement of anything that needs running water.


If you have a large bathroom you may want a double shower. Whether you include a toilet or keep toilet in a separate room. Beyond these, you need to think about what vanities, cabinets, mirrors and accessories you'd like in your bathroom.

STORAGE How much storage do you need in your bathroom, and what are some of the ways you can sneak it in? Vanities and mirrors (face level storage) are great for storage, but there are other options, like shelving, niches, baskets or custom built in cupboards.


  1. Switching things around unnecessarily - Moving pipes can become expensive and raise many more problems

  2. Over looking the door clearing (pet hate) - A cavity slider to maximise space can avoid a door hitting your beautiful new bath or vanity when you enter

  3. Not treating wood finishes - Be sure to use the correct treatment to protect your timber from humidity and water which could lead to a quick onset wood rot.

  4. Not shopping around - Builders quotes can vary wildly. Get at least three quotes and always ask for references

  5. Ditching the bath - It might seem a modern and space saving solution to leave the bath out, but think carefully before you do! There are many situations a bath could be more practical then just a shower. You can also opt for a combination of the two with an over bath shower if you are space poor.

  6. Ignoring wall space - Wall space in bathrooms is often overlooked but thought about properly can be a useful storage provider. Shelves with towel storage make a decorative statement and cut out niches add depth that is perfect for toiletries and plants.

  7. Not including enough storage - Towels, shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, toilet rolls, etc etc.. you'll need to find room to store all of these essential items. A mirror with face level storage including a power point is a neat option. Built in shelving, cupboards and draws help you make the most of every inch of space.

  8. Forgetting finishing touches - Treat yourself to good quality towels which will look luxurious. Consider attractive bottles, greenery is key, adding beautiful pendant lights, different shaped mirrors and décor items to suit your homes interior and style.